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Sift is a King Arthur Flour Publication with some yummy recipes. The magazine made its debut in February 2015 so it’s still relatively new.  The Creative Director and Food Editor behind this “must have subscription to” magazine are Ruth Adams Perkins and Susan Reid. Together, with the rest of the Sift crew, they have put together a fabulous read of recipes and scrumptious food imagery.

During this time of year I bake a lot of cookies for friends and family and the Sift holiday 2017 issue has been a godsend because of a section called A World of Cookies . All of the recipes were made and tested in the King Arthur Flour test kitchen.

I made the Syrian cookies called Mahmoul. While I’ve always been a bit hesitant to use floral waters in my baking, I loved these cookies. Orange Blossom Water can be floral forward but not in these cookies. The flavor was pleasant and not overwhelming. The Russian Pryaniki, however, are my favorite though I’m thinking they may soon be replaced once I make the traditional South American Alfajores. There is a recipe for macarons but I must admit they are too time consuming to make. Still, who doesn’t love a good macaron?













                                                               Photographer:  Jennifer Livingston


Cherry Bombe magazine, founded by Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu, is a bi-annual indie magazine that gives voice to women in the food world. The layout of this magazine has presence! The covers are fun, the articles are smart, the photographic layouts are earthy and glamorous, and the interviews with the likes of Ruth Reichl, Alice Waters, Erin McKenna, and Christina Tosi, are like having a conversation with a friend. Cherry Bombe reveres the female chef in all of her diversity, ascent, and entrepreneurship. Yes, it has a feminist bent to it – thank goodness because Cherry Bombe celebrates this powerful group of women chefs who have artistry, and savvy but have so often remained in the background of the “bro culture” culinary world.  Not anymore thanks to Cherry Bombe magazine. #bombesquad


  Founders of Cherry Bombe magazine: Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu

        Photograph by: Christopher Gabello


Cherry Bombe is not an online magazine.  To subscribe: