Give It A Listen!

Pictured above: Faith Middleton and the food schmooze podcast logo

Every time I listen to the most recent podcast of the food schmooze I get happy.  Each discussion is insightful, educational, and has a lot of laughter. Her guests have included famous chefs/cookbook writers like: Lidia Bastianich, Julia Turshen, Jacques Pepin, and Samin Nosrat to name a few.

She has holiday podcast parties with amazing recipes (which are posted on the food schmooze website), like Polenta Torta with Gorgonzola and Savoy Cabbage. Middleton isn’t afraid to ask the questions that many of us want to know but think they sound too basic. For example, during her interview with Italian chef Lidia Bastianich, she asked, if someone couldn’t find fancy Gorgonzola in their local store was it okay to purchase a Gorgonzola of lesser quality?  Bastiancich told her yes and to add a little mascarpone to give it a richer flavor. Middleton asks what we want to hear.

Middleton has talked everything from fine wines to craft beers. She dedicated one whole podcast to ice cream- from boozy chocolate milkshakes to crazy ice cream flavors. She takes the listener on all kinds of journey’s. She’s even right there with you during the holiday season giving the listeners tips for how to stay stress free during the holidays.

It’s a fun podcast, with lots of laughs, lots of heart, and lots good information.








The SplendidTable

I listen to podcasts while I bake and one of my favorite podcast’s is America Public Media’s The Splendid Table, hosted by Lynne Rossetto Kasper.  This podcast offers so much food insight to anyone who wants to learn more about food culture, lifestyle, and cooking.  Short segment interviews such as David Bedford discussing apple varieties, or Marcus Samuelsson walking us through Harlem, or Stella Parks speaking about the historical background of America’s most iconic desserts give listeners enough foodie information to further pique curiosity. When Lynne Rossetto Kasper retires at the end of 2017 The Splendid Table will continue with a new host: award winning food writer, Francis Lam. Give a listen to this podcast-it’s a wondrous food journey.

Lynne Francis

                               Lynne Rossetto Kasper and Francis Lam