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High-Hand Olive Oil Company




Recently my husband and I went to Loomis to eat lunch at the High- Hand Cafe. Our intention was to pick up a few succulent plants at the nursery next door but instead we ended up inside of the High-Hand Olive Oil Company. What a charming shop. High-Hand carries over fifty different infused olive oils and dark and white balsamic vinegars. With all of different varieties to choose from it’s no wonder they have free tastings before purchase. The layout of the store is makes it easy to navigate when going back and forth tasting and pairing an infused oil with a balsamic.

Balsamic Gift sets

You can purchase large or small gift bottles. We bought the Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar to pair with the Spain Picual Olive Oil. The Pomegranate Balsamic is now our go to. The rich tang blends beautifully with the Picual. We also bought the Roasted Chili EVOO to pair with the subtle Orange White Balsamic. The woman behind the counter was a great help and knew all of the product well.  Before we left we picked up a few dipping dishes too.

Later in the evening we had guests over for gift giving and noshing. Of course the olive oils and balsamics made their appearance in the new dipping dishes. Good food and conversation around a table always makes for an easy and joyous evening. But the Pomegranate Balsamic with the Spain Picual OO combination along with freshly baked bread were the noshing talk of the night.

High Hand Olive Oil
Customer browsing inside the High-Hand Olive Oil Company

High-Hand Olive Oil Company is located at 3750 Taylor Road Loomis, CA 95650
Phone: 916-652-7003 ext. 3











Generally when I’m baking and the recipe calls for a certain spice or herb I cross my fingers and hope my local grocery store carries what I need.  Happily, I no longer have to worry about this because Sacramento has its first and only spice shop: Allspicery.  The owner, Heather Wong, has created an intimate and inviting shop filled with spices, herbs, teas, sugars, salts, and starter kits. I found this wonderful Baker’s Essentials assortment to kick start some of my cakes and pies for the upcoming holidays. I used the vanilla powder and apple spice in my Apple Cranberry Walnut Pie.



Allspicery is located at 1125 11th St. Sacramento, CA 95814



Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

My daughter and I stopped into Ginger Elizabeth’s Chocolates for a piece of chocolate and a couple of macarons.  Happily, I walked out with more: a six piece box of chocolates filled with three vanilla bean caramel bonbons and three Creme Fraiche bonbons; a jar of Vanilla Bean Nectarine Preserves and a jar of Obsidian Blackberry Preserves; and an assortment of macarons.  My favorites macarons: Almond Vanilla and Salty Caramel.  There is a reason Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is so popular-her product is high quality fabulous.  So, when Ginger Elizabeth offered a macaron  class I signed up. I’ve taken a few baking lessons from professional bakers and Ginger Elizabeth’s is by far a standout.  Her staff was welcoming, friendly, and professional.  The kitchen workspace was immaculate.  We made Raspberry Rose Macarons filled with Raspberry Rose Buttercream incorporated with fresh Raspberry Rose Puree.  I am so proud of how my macarons turned out, all with the help of Ginger and her team!


My macarons: Raspberry Rose Macarons from Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates class


Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates:  Vanilla Bean Nectarine

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is located at 1801 L Street #60 Sacramento, CA

San Francisco location at 3108 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA