I came to baking late in life.  It isn’t that I’ve never baked before it’s just that my journey has taken me on many diverse paths before I landed here, creating this blog. I don’t claim to be a master baker or “wanna be” pastry chef.  I am a novice baker.  I am also someone who appreciates the art of baking and loves listening to those individuals who have immersed themselves in the world of food, particularly baking. 

This blog is another part of my journey and it is with love that I dedicate this baking blog, Anna & Eleanor, to my Grandmother Anna and her oldest daughter Eleanor. Their lives weren’t always easy but they both found comfort in the kitchen baking buttery cinnamon rolls, fruity crusty pies, and chocolate cakes all made from scratch. Their comforting desserts were the sweetest reminders that all were welcome and all were home. 


j. lystrup